Angola's Premiere Sports Venue and Racing Complex

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1. Zero tolerance for Alcohol in the pits before and after the races. Coolers will be checked before entering the pit area. Alcohol must be consumed on the grand stand side in the non-family sections of the race track. Anyone caught with Alcohol in the pits will be removed.

 2. All patrons must sign the waiver and have a wrist band before entering the pits.  Anyone failing to do so will be removed from the speedway property and asked not to come back.

3. Please make sure kids are supervised at all times in the pit area. If they are not they will be asked to be taken to the grandstands with an adult.

4. No pets in the pit area for the safety of others. They may be kept in the camping area with the proper supervision, water, food, and shelter.

Thank you, for your understanding and cooperation. Angola Motorsports Speedway Management

Angola Motorsport Speedway Pit Policy